Who is Azeem Ahmad?

Hello! My name is Azeem Ahmad. I work as a digital marketer and web designer at a multinational company. My areas of expertise include Local SEO, blogging, and web design. Before I discovered the world of SEO, I worked as a social media manager and content creator.

Since entering the SEO field, I have successfully ranked many business sites and blogs at the top of Google searches. My journey in digital marketing has allowed me to grow professionally and help businesses thrive online.

Blogging Journey

My blogging journey began interestingly. I was learning web design from my brother after completing my matriculation. Three years ago, my elder brother, who knew about my skills in social media, gave me a wonderful surprise. He introduced me to the world of SEO and digital marketing, recognizing my potential.

What was the surprise? He enrolled me in the best digital marketing institute he could find. That was the start of my journey into SEO and digital marketing. It opened up a new world for me, combining my interests and guiding me towards a path where I could thrive professionally.

I have successfully completed over 50 projects in web design and SEO. Additionally, I actively manage my own blog website, where I share insights and updates on digital marketing and web development.

I am currently using Facebook Ads Manager to run multiple business campaigns simultaneously, helping to boost the online presence and reach of various brands.

Expertise and Certifications:


Five Years of Expertise: I bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with a proven track record of success in SEO.


Certifications: I am not just self-proclaimed; he holds certifications from renowned institutions such as iSkills, Pakistan’s leading SEO institute, and HubSpot and LinkedIn Learning. These certifications validate his proficiency and commitment to staying updated with industry trends and techniques.


Multifaceted Digital Marketer: My expertise extends beyond SEO. He is proficient in web designing and formulating comprehensive SEO strategies, making him a versatile asset for any digital marketing endeavour.

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